I quit flat to live in a van, and now I’ve added £34k to its value with an easy revamp… – The US Sun

I quit flat to live in a van, and now I’ve added £34k to its value with an easy revamp… – The US Sun

QUITTING their jobs and living in a van is not how Liv and Lewis ever imagined their life to turn out – but they have no regrets. 

And they have even managed to quadruple the value of their Mercedes Sprinter van from £11k to £45k by transforming it into a chic mobile home fit with a toilet, shower and projector. 


Liv and Lewis decided to quit their jobs and live life on the moveCredit: @2bags1van/Instagram


They completely revamped their van and now share tips and tricks on their TikTokCredit: @2bags1van/Instagram

And now the couple, both 29, are sharing their savvy DIY hacks on their TikTok page @2bags1van, so you can do it too. 

Liv says: “We did the entire build, plumbing and electrics ourselves with the expertise and help from Lewis’s Grandad John who is a retired joiner. 

“As we worked on it full time for three months, we saved huge costs in comparison to getting someone else to do the work for us.”

In 2019, the couple made the decision to leave their home and quit their jobs in London to travel around Asia. 


However, the pandemic then struck and brought their travel plans to a halt. 

February 2021 saw the couple spending £11K on a van and renovating the blank canvas into their very own mobile home. 

Speaking to Tap Warehouse the couple said they spent a total of seven months on the project and £13K on the interiors of the van, which included all the furnishing, solar panels, electric and plumbing. 

They managed to save money throughout the project by teaching themselves DIY, for example when making the seats and cushions. 

They cut some wood to size, found some cheap foam and fabric, then used a staple gun to attach the cushions to the wood. 

Another example of how they saved money was with the headboard. Liv was inspired by a £250/metre fabric but made her own for just £8.

Everything in the van conversion felt like a learning curve and nothing ever went to plan the first time


Instead of getting a custom made mattress cut to the perfect size of the bed, they bought a bog standard size from Argos and cut with an electric carving knife to fit the bed perfectly.

The worktops were £50 from IKEA, the pull-out table was £9 from IKEA and they built their kitchen and hanging cabinets themselves so they saved on even more costs.

Lewis says: “Lots of campervan converters think that these things need to be bespoke made or cut from wood and really you can buy off the shelf and cut it to the size you need, it just takes a little thinking outside of the …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/4290392/i-quit-flat-to-live-in-a-van/

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